With a personal collection of jewelry dating back to the 1910s, Lisa Brester has been matching stories to styles from her mother and grandmother since she was 3 years old. When those influential women in her life passed, she inherited their collections which inspire her every day. Jewelry is in Lisa’s essence.


An entrepreneurial spirit was ingrained in Lisa at a very young age. She designed beaded bracelets as a little girl where she’d showcase them at lemonade stands in her neighborhood. And in high school, the art of tying fly fishing lures for her dad and brothers translated into the art of feather earrings which she sold out of her server apron from a mall restaurant. In the summer of 2011, when she was making more money on jewelry sales than waiting tables - she knew she was ready to leave Lexington, Kentucky. In divine timing, she exchanged her final semesters in the fine art program at University of Kentucky to study fashion design in Los Angeles. In the years of dressing models at Hollywood runway shows, designing installations at fashion trade shows in Las Vegas, working with luxury goods in Beverly Hills and building a community of creative friends and family in Venice, Lisa did not make a single pair of earrings. 

It was February 2, 2016 that would redirect Lisa’s life in Southern California back home to Kentucky... to caretake for her mother battling Pancreatic Cancer. Over the two months that would follow before her passing, Lisa and her mother shared the most intimate moments of her (then) 28 years. It was during these two months, that this brand was born. 

As her mother rested, Lisa made earrings. She would take field trips to craft stores and specialty boutiques for materials and when her beloved Momma was awake, they would visit and manifest a future of travel, jewelry and joy. The following summer, Lisa attended music festivals with her friends, and it was there that her first sales were made... when the ladies of her group camp bought her feather earrings and glitter chokers until she sold out. Before fall, Lisa published her first etsy store, showcased at her first pop up market, and was selling jewelry out of a local boutique.


a story by Lisa

For me,  “Over the Rainbow” was always more than just a dream. I grew up singing the notorious song we all heard about once in a lullaby and imagined myself living like a Disney Princess in Oz someday. 🏰 


Now at 33, after getting my passport for the first time, leaving who I thought was Prince Charming, and traveling to a new country alone, I’ve realized, ‘Somewhere’ is a lifestyle. You see, I renamed my brand a few years after my mother passed away, with hope and imagination that I’d see her again one day, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  I feel so much love in every piece of jewelry I make, as tho I’m sharing a piece of her memory. 🤍


Since traveling the world, solo, I’ve realized it’s even bigger than that;  it’s creating our own fairytale, falling in love with ourselves and believing in the dreams that we create. It’s downloading the mentality that there truly is no place like home when we’re always coming home to ourselves. Humans are an actual place within our own hearts and we’re really all on the same journey of self development, becoming whole, while LIVING and sharing energy with each other.


So, I’ve crystalized a brand inspired by experiences that are mind opening, heart deepening, head clearing and spirit raising, with amulets that create connections between the stories of those experiences and all that admire.