Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Group Shot
Photo  by Jordan Vescio


Everywhere you look in Lexington, you find talented artists of all kinds.  From school programs to yoga classes, to local markets and galleries, I love to network with the people of Kentucky. The more I connect, the more opportunity I have to create. I’ve learned that when you find people you can work with and that light you up, making that connection is a BIG DEAL. Nourishing those relationships with gratitude has become so important to me. At this point in my life, I want to put my energy into creating something that I’m proud of and can learn from. Passion attracts passion, work attracts work.

At the crossroads where art and commerce intersect, mutual support helps everyone grow.

I have found that even the smallest interactions and observations of those around me go such a long way. So, in the last few months, I have made a larger effort to reach out to people in my community. Whether it is just to meet for coffee, or a beer, or visit a boutique or spend a weekend at a cabin by the lake, it is great to strike up a meaningful conversation. Some of these meetings have been with other small business owners, designers, students, or even my parent’s friends that I want to reconnect with. Some have been with a stranger who I think is doing something cool on Instagram.

Never underestimate your power to reach out to others.

Having these meetings to simply connect and find out what people in my community were up to was great, but even bigger than that, I was looking for a match that could spark a flame. I wanted to start a project that combined inspiration and could be executed with clever planning. So I needed to identify pieces that were already in place and then build a project with a likeminded team. So, through all of these meetings, I paid close attention and took bits and pieces from several conversations.

“I’d really like to practice shooting.”

“I’ve never modeled.”

“I’m trying to build my portfolio.”

“I haven’t done a photoshoot in forever.”

“Yes, I’m happy to contribute.”

“It would be great to have some new photos for social media.”


It wasn’t about people with expertise, it was about finding people with a desire to be creative, who were eager to work together.

On a Sunday afternoon in late September, a group of artists from Lexington came together to form a well-rounded collaboration.

I’m calling it,

Native Muse


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Amber Motorcycle
Photo by Jordan Vescio



Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Courtney Adam
Photo by Adam Brester



Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Jared Hat
Photo by Jordan Vescio


Being out on this beautiful farm with such a large group of Lexingtonians that I had pulled together was such a rewarding experience.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Amber Worn
Photo by Adam Brester



Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Jared Worn
Photo by Jordan Vescio


It was a space where new connections were made, ideas were shared and a collective knowledge was developed.

And after all of that, I’m not sure if it was the goal or the byproduct – beautiful content was created.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Feather Your Nest
Photo by Adam Brester



Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Courtney Worn
Photo by Jordan Vescio


Staying true to your ideas and being genuine to others can create something truly wonderful.  I will continue to follow this path in hopes of inspiring others and growing as an art director, a jewelry designer and a member of my community. I really do believe in bringing people together for the sake of creativity.

I’m very proud of what was accomplished that day, and I hope the energy and passion of the team shows.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Amber Horses
Photo by Jordan Vescio



Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Courtney Free People
Photo by Jordan Vescio


It brings me a lot of joy to credit these beautiful and talented people:

Sydney Nash –  (art direction and styling assistant) Creative Director of KRNL Fashion – She’s an absolute powerhouse and New York will be lucky to have her when she graduates.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Sydney
Photo by Adam Brester


Jordan Vescio – (photographer) To say that she is a natural is a serious understatement. A photo is worth a thousand words. I’ve got a million. Mind. Blown.

Adam Brester – (photographer) Not to mention the fact that he is my brother – hero – and the person I’m most proud of in the world – his accomplishments in photography (and life) continue to blow me away.

Amber Larson – (Model) The: I’ve never modeled before and want to to be a biochemist. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in New York, LA, Miami and beyond.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Amber Serendipity
Photo by Adam Brester


Courtney Jones – (Influencer) Can you say Stevie Nicks in terms of distinct style?. She’s authentic with heart, charm, and a sunshine like no other.


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Courtney Couch
Photo by Jordan Vescio


Jared Guillaume – (Designer and Model) ATTITUDE. Ideas. A genuine class act.  He’s going to do big things y’all….


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Jared Fence
Photo by Jordan Vescio


Annamaria Corea – (makeup) Unicorn and beauty boss – she walked in like she owned the place and absolutely killed it!


Kentucky Gypsy | Native Muse | Anna
Photo by Adam Brester


Worn and Company – (wardrobe and set design) THE new men’s contemporary casual boutique with apparel, accessories, and furniture. Every time I walk in, I am blown away by the comfortable, unique vibe with southern edge. Find them on Facebook here.

SERENDIPITY – (wardrobe) in Woodland Triangle. It’s casual chic perfection – just like the owner, Jenna. 

Feather Your Nest – (wardrobe) is a hidden vintage gem. Imagine a perfectly curated peddlers mall.

Free People at the Summit at Fritz Farm – This beautiful store is whimsical goodness magic with a manager that has style to match.

Lisa Brester – (producer, art director, and stylist ) Owner and designer @ Kentucky Gypsy Handcrafted for the free-spirited. Jewels for those who shine on their own.

*Special thanks to our production assistants – Wade Larson and Kennedy Cook! And to the owners and managers at Wimbledon Farm for allowing us to use their beautiful land.

Looking forward to the next project.